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> Subject: [Tutor] running & debugging in python interactive shell
> Greetings.
> I am attempting to search archives, however I thought it would be OK to
> ask while I search... thank you to those who responded to my previous
> inquiry. Your response was very helpful to me.
> My environment is embedded so I have only a python interactive shell for
> running python scripts. Does anyone know of an article that describes
> best practices for running and debugging scripts inside the python
> shell? Of course, I use import directive to run my script for first run.
>  I am seeking techniques for invoking parts of script after initial
> import. I hope this makes sense to those persons reading. :)
> Cheers,
> AZ

I'd like to add to this question and expand it:  can anyone point me to
a good resource on debugging *generally*?  Particularly using a debugger.
I have never learned any "right" way to debug my code, just sort of read 
off the errors generated and do what I can.  I use Boa Constructor, which 
has a built-in debugger, but I don't quite grok how best to use it (some of
that is lack of practice, some is lack of understanding), though I get the 
sense that they are more-or-less the same across IDEs.

I thought maybe there is an existing tutorial somewhere on how best to
make use of a debugger.


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