[Tutor] help with getting python to run from command prompt onWindows XP

Brian van den Broek broek at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Jan 15 17:48:30 CET 2009

Brian van den Broek said unto the world at 15/01/09 11:27 AM:
> Alan Gauld said unto the world at 14/01/09 07:34 PM:
>> "Brian van den Broek" <vanden at gmail.com> wrote

<snip my account of Windows using friend unable to invoke python at 
DOS prompt and replies including Alan's suggestion to get a text file 
dump of environment variables.>

> With the full path, python loads as expected. I'm awaiting the results of
> SET > env.txt
> as per Alan's suggestion above.

Never fails. Shortly after posting, I got an answer back from the 
friend I'm trying to help.

The (recognized by me as) relevant bits of output are:

There is no subsequent Path line that might be stomping on the line 
shown above.

I'm surprised that it is `Path' rather than `PATH'. Does that matter? 
I'm pretty sure that my friend didn't change that, as once he got into 
the `Edit System Variable' dialog, he felt uncertain and sent me a 
screen shot before he effected any modifications; the screen shot 
shows `Path'.

Last, the texlive entry is from an installation of latex that I guided 
him through right before we installed python. Invoking latex from the 
command line works as expected, so I conclude that the Path is not broken.

> If that doesn't clear it up for me, I shall report back.

Didn't and did.

Thanks and best,


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