[Tutor] eval and floating point

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 15 19:20:24 CET 2009

"Andre Engels" <andreengels at gmail.com> wrote

>> eval("float(3/2)")
> That still does not work, because the 'float' comes after the
> division. 3/2 equals 1, so float(3/2) equals 1.0. To make it work,
> you'll have to put the float inside the division:
> eval("float(3)/2")

Ahem! Quite. That was what I actually intended to post!

But having seen the other posts suggesting using future 
I had a rethink.

I don't think either float() or the "3.0" approach will help the 
OP because I suspect he is trying to eval a string stored 
in a variable. In that case the "import future" trick is probably 
the only solution that will work, short of parsing the string and 
doing the division without using eval...


Alan Gauld
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