[Tutor] Simple program with menu to view videos

David david at abbottdavid.com
Fri Jan 16 17:35:13 CET 2009

I just received the dvd Python Fundamentals by Wesley J. Chun and it was 
packaged by the distributor for use on Window and Mac but I use Linux so 
I pulled the videos of of the dvd. There are 10 lessons with a total of 
58 individual videos. Most lessons are 6-8 videos long. So I did as Alan 
has suggested and came up with a plan of attack. What my basic program 
does is plays the first video and then the next in that lesson and when 
finished them all goes back to the menu. I am asking for some tips on 
how I can make this program with less code and using some classes, if 
that is the best way to proceed. I have a lot of code that is just 
copied from one function to the next. I am new to python and enjoy these 
little projects because I can see them in action. Here is my starting point;
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