[Tutor] Convert String to Int

bob gailer bgailer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 03:59:04 CET 2009

Ian Egland wrote:
> 'Allo All.
> I know that, should you want to get an int from the user, you use 
> int(input("Question!")). However, what if the user wasn't that savvy 
> and didn't realize he/she HAD to enter a number? Program crash. Is 
> there a way that I can get the input as a string, check and see if 
> it's convertible to an integer, convert it if it is and ask them to 
> try again if it's not?

a = raw_input("Enter an integer:")
if a.isdigit():
  # process input
  # complain

Bob Gailer
Chapel Hill NC

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