[Tutor] Finding the End of a Def?

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On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 7:06 AM, Wayne Watson
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>  If you are familiar with vi and C, one could enter a simple keystroke and
> jump from an opening paren to the corresponding closing one.
> I've long forgotten most of C, but here's a rough segment of a program:
> main()
> (
> while (x ==True)
> (
>    a =5;
> )
> ...
> )
> If your cursor was on the second "(", pressing a key would take you to the
> third one. I want something like it for def. Where's the end of the def.
> Some def blocks are so long it's almost impossible to find where they end.
Presuming, of course, that your def statement is followed by another,
finding the "next" def would get you there.

Other than that... you may just have to figure out how to write your own
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