[Tutor] Sort of database & "family tree" question

Timo timomlists at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 14:58:43 CET 2009


I'm writing an application that stores people with some info. I'm doing 
this with ConfigParser and it works, but currently (for testing), there 
are only 10 persons in it. What if I add, let's say, about 500-600 or 
even more? Is this still a good choice?

So my entry's look like this (more or less ;)):
firstName = foo
lastName = bar
father = person2
mother = person3

Now, I want to make a family tree out of this, something that looks like 
the following scheme (hope the formating will be kept):

For person "foo bar", on his father-side, and mother-side the same.

                                 | father
                 | father--<
                 |               | mother
                 |               | father
                 | mother--<
                                 | mother


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