[Tutor] Handling post request

Justin Ezequiel justin.mailinglists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:20:06 CET 2009

> From: Tiago Katcipis <katcipis at inf.ufsc.br>
> I am trying to make a small HTTP server on python just to handle some POST
> and GET requests. I never worked with http before and dont know if i am
> doing something completely stupid (probably yes). I read anything possible
> already and i just cant find how i access the information sent on the POST
> request, i need these because some parameters needed by the server must be
> sent on the POST request, my client test does this:
> f = urllib2.urlopen(url,  urllib.urlencode('http://my_server_adress:port',
> {'Teste' : 'teste', 'Teste2' : 't2', 'Teste3' : 't3'}))
> f.close()
> The server runs ok and receives the POST request just fine, but im not
> finding where the data that i have sent on the post request is being held.
> Sorry if the question is extremely stupid, i really tried a lot of things
> already and read a lot, maybe i just have let something pass when i was
> reading or i am understanding something terribly wrong :-(.

Hello, I needed to do the same recently to test my scripts that do GET
and POST to a web site.
Found how to get at the posted data within CGIHTTPServer.py
particularly the run_cgi method of the CGIHTTPRequestHandler class.

At first I just ran an instance of the CGIHTTPServer and had a few CGI
scripts until I read the code for the run_cgi method above.
Now my test script runs an HTTP server in a daemon thread using my
subclass of the CGIHTTPRequestHandler then the main thread then runs
my GET and POST code.

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