[Tutor] window graphics

A.T.Hofkamp a.t.hofkamp at tue.nl
Thu Jul 2 13:38:09 CEST 2009

David H. Burns wrote:
> I am new to Python and I'm looking for help on graphics in Python3.0. 
> All the graphics libraries I've seen are far to complex (and don't seem 
> compatible with 3. What I really need to know is two things (1) how to 
> set up a graphic window and (2)how to plot a pixel. Basically that's all 
> a "graphics package" needs. Is this the right group?

For Python help it is, for specific GUI-toolkit related questions, the group 
for the toolkit that you use may be better.

With respect to your question, it is too early to use Python 3.0. As you have 
found out already, most libraries don't support 3.0 yet. Also, most of the 
Python tutorials and documentation is written for Python 2.

I'd recommend that you start with Python 2.6 instead. Once you understand the 
language, making the transition to Python 3 will be relatively easy.
(and, starting with 2.6, the language is slowly changing towards 3, so by the 
time 2.8 or 2.9 is released, you'll be writing almost Python 3)

Indeed, many graphics packages are complex, since they aim to give full GUI 
toolkit coverage so you can make full-blown graphic applications. However, 
when you restrict yourself to just drawing on a canvas, the toolkits are 
fairly simple and similar (at least the ones I have seen, PyGTK and a little 
Most tutorials for the GUI toolkits start rendering lines at a canvas at some 
point, so take that as a starting point, and strip all the stuff you don't need.

Another approach may be to use pygame instead of a GUI toolkit.


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