[Tutor] Python Tutorials: How to create useful programs after learning the syntax?

Robert Berman bermanrl at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jul 6 17:09:40 CEST 2009

I have programmed since I was 21. Since I am now retired; that gives me
a tad of experience in some aspects of coding. I have only been using
Python for two years and I enjoy it for two reasons; the first and most
important is it is fun. if you don't enjoy the language, find another
one you do enjoy. And, finally, it is a language that lends itself to
some really creative solutions. 

I do not know if your interest extends to games, designing user
Graphical input programs, or puzzle solving. I have done two for most of
my professional life; games are not at all my forte. I am impressed with
them (my wife loves them, but I have neither the artistic design skills
or the patience).  I have worked primarily as a consultant to law
enforcement and have designed and implemented juvenile justice systems,
and done work in both drug rehabilitation database studies, and child
support studies as well.

Now, my interest has turned to puzzle solving and I feel this is a
wonderful method to hone your skills. I would suggest, if this at all
piques your interest, you take a look at the following sites. The order
is of no bearing at all. What I find complex you will not, so these
suggestions I simply pulled from my bookmarks and  hope they might give
you both asistance and simple pleasure

1.	http://www.challenge-you.com/
2.	http://projecteuler.net/index.php?section=logout
3.	http://www.spoj.pl/problems/classical/
4.	http://codegolf.com/
5.	http://www.codechef.com/

These will certainly keep you occupied for many hours, days, weeks, etc.



On Sun, 2009-07-05 at 23:48 -0700, Luis Galvan wrote:
> Hello all, this is my first time using a mailing list, so I'm not sure
> if I'm doing this right!  Anyway, I have a wee bit of a problem.  I've
> recently completed watching a Youtube video series on Python 2.6 by
> thenewboston which helped me a TON with learning Python's syntax and
> how to use some of the various builtin modules.  I am very thankful
> for his tutorials, but the only thing that I need is something to help
> me really grasp onto the world of programming. (I'm new to
> programming)  What I'm looking for is a tutorial series that walks you
> through the steps of writing a useful program in Python.  Whether it
> be a text editor, a simple browser, etc, it doesn't really matter.  I
> learned the syntax (at least most of it), but I guess I'm just looking
> for something to help me learn to "utilize it".  Something to teach me
> how I can use everything I learned about manipulating strings,
> creating classes, and importing modules and how to stir it all up into
> something meaningful.  Most people's answer to this kind of question
> is that the best way to learn is to "play around with it", but
> personally I believe that you can't really play with it if it you
> don't know where to start.  If anyone has any idea on how I can really
> get started with programming useful programs, please do let me know!
> Any help would be immensely appreciated!  
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