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Rich Lovely roadierich at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 9 04:10:10 CEST 2009

2009/7/9 Pete Froslie <froslie at gmail.com>:
> Great Richard, thanks..
> I'm getting an error as follows:
> from __future__ import with_statement
> SyntaxError: from __future__ imports must occur at the beginning of the file
> I don't think this is the issue in need of rework and have tried a few quick
> reworks.. I'll read up a bit on 'with'
> cheers

(Appologies for my inital, incomplete email...)
Oops... forgot it wasn't a standard import...

Just move it to the first line of the program, and delete the relevant
elif branch.

It won't hurt code on more recent versions.

from __future__ import with_statement
import sys

buff = []
with open("path_to_input_file", "r") as fin:
   for line in fin:
       buff.append(" ".join(lookup(word) for word in line.split()))

with open("path_to_output_file", "w") as fout:

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