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Date: 2009/7/15
Subject: The why
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Well, I'm trying to create an interactive program, let's say I'm
running the program, I ask the user to give the array a name, I then
do some computations and store the results in that array. While I'm
still running the program I might decide to create several more arrays
of the same type/dimension with names of my choosing same types of
computation. When I'm done, I might have several arrays created, all
with different names that I have given them. In the ipython mode I
could call up any of these arrays off and on again as I want to
visually compare them to each other.

I mean I guess what I could do is go back to my code, name the array
Chris, let a calculation use x=2, save, run the program, go back in to
the code, edit it so that the array is named Bob along with changing
x=3, save, run the program a second time. When I'm done I'll now have
two arrays, one named Chris the other Bob with different results
because I changed some other input paramenters.

I just now thought of maybe making one huge array, storing all the
results of x=2 and use a conditional satement like if x=2, then name
was Chris. But it would be so much easier if I could type print Chris
or print Bob and it woulds spit out what those arrays were.

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> Subject: Re: [Tutor] objects becoming pointers
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> 2009/7/15 chris Hynes <cjhynes36 at hotmail.com>:
> > I guess I have to start somewhere to ask............
> >
> > I want the user to input a name, say "Chris". I know I can use the code:
> >
> > name=raw_input()
> >
> > I now want:
> >
> > "Chris"=zeros((3,3))
> >
> > so that when I type:
> >
> > print Chris
> >
> > the return will be an array of zero's 3x3
> >
> > So that I can understand this deeper, I know that "name" is just a pointer
> > to the object "Chris". I don't want to just change the pointer to something
> > else, like "zeros((3,3))" but I want to make "Chris" become the pointer or
> > the name of the pointer. At least that's what I think I want.
> >
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> Sorry if I've sent this twice...
> Why would you want to do that?
> The closest you can get to that is using exec, but exec is usually
> considered a code smell. I'd say you're trying to do the wrong thing.
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There are 10 types of people in the world: those who know binary,
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