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Mazhar Hussain yam.matt at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 09:04:32 CEST 2009

 Hello All! My name is Mazhar Hussain, and I am new to python, in fact, I am
new to programming as a whole. I dont know if its the right list to talk
about this.
 I am really interested in 2d games, especially 2d games. I am also
interested in making games. I searched for a lot of programming languages
but I didnt like anyone of them, either they were too hard to learn or not
suitable to make games. But then I found Python. I had heard that it was
very easy to learn and great for making games, it also had a binding for SDL
called pygame. But the main games I want to create are: a pokemon clone, a
megaman battle network clone and a world of goo like game. I just want to
know if I can make these type of games with pygame(before learning python).
If it can then I'll start learning python right away but if it cant then I
think I may better find another language.
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