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>> Aha, okay, the multiple classes approach makes sense.  But would these
>> be nested classes,
> No although they would probably have attributes containing
> the related lists. Thus Race might have a list of Candidates.
> And Candidate would have a list of Committees etc.
>  perhaps inheriting attributes from their parent
>> classes? E.g.:
> I do not think any of these meet the criteria for inheritance. None of them
> "is a" kind of any of the others.
>  class Race
>>   class Candidate
>>       class Committee
>>           class Filing
> I don;t like the use of Filing for a class name, it sounds like a
> collection and in Python we don;t usually need to crteate collection
> classes, we can just use a standard collection type. Maybe File would be
> better although it could be confused with a comuter file... Maybe Record
> would be best?

If the candidate can file reports, perhaps the candidate should have a
member list (or some other appropriate container) called reports and a
method/function called file_report?

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