[Tutor] Reading text until a certain point

Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Fri Jul 24 17:39:44 CEST 2009

Hi Guys,

It seems like this keeps coming up (for me anyways), and i'm never sure how
to do it. I'm very new to programming...

I have a file that has text in a certain format. Lets assume

name: stefan
id: 12345
color: blue
name: joe
id: 54321
color: red

The format is predictable.  I understand for non predictable text, you would
have to use pyparser or the like to build a match.

For predictable format, I am never sure how to handle this. I normally use
something like

for line in file:

The problem being i dont really do something per line?  I would like to say
something like, for line until the next 'name', make that 1 element.
So i would like to then have a list or dict (this probably makes sense for a
dict) with that group. I would then probably split it into various elements.

So essentially im asking, how do i say the for line until next 'match'.
Would this be something for the re module? Or is there an inbuilt core way?

I hope this makes sense


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