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Darth Kaboda darthkaboda at msn.com
Sun Jul 26 02:15:36 CEST 2009

I'm starting to learn Python as it seems to be adopted by many companies that I've been looking to apply to. I used the book Learning Phython to get the basics of the language and many of the gotcha's. I think I know enough of the basic features of the language to start playing around and can understand most code I've seen so far by looking at some of the posts here.


The one worry I have is not coding things the Phython way as I've been a Visual Basic programmer for so long and a C++ programmer before that. So would like to have people look at a simplistic class (shuffles lists of objects wrote it for shuffling cards but with Phython could be used for any "list" type object) I wrote to give me some feedback on the style of it.


Any feedback is appreciated.



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