[Tutor] Companion CD for Python Book

Tommie sinistaminista at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 23:45:16 CEST 2009

>Randy S wrote:


>I recently purchased a used book with the title >Python Programming for the
Absolute Beginner, >Second Edition, by Michael Dawson.  The book is
>supposed include a companion CD, but the CD is >broken.  I've already
contacted the publisher for a >replacement, but they were not able to help
me.  If >someone has this CD, would it be possible for me to >receive a zip
file of the CD contents?  Any other >ideas on how I could get a copy of this

>Thank you for any help you can pass my way.


>Randy S
>Mankato, MN

I recall reading in an Amazon review last week that someone had similar
trouble with this title and was unable to get help from the publisher, but
the author was able to help after an email through his website.  You may
want to look that avenue up.--

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