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> "Eduardo Vieira" <eduardo.susan at gmail.com> wrote
> > Hello, would anybody have a good memorization technique for boolean
> > results? Like when using 'or'/'and' what it returns when both are
> > false, the last is false, etc?
> Hmm, I don't try to remember those, I just work it out based on 
> the meaning. 
> A and B is true only if both A and B are True
> A or B is true if either A or B is True.
> Thats it really, what's to remember?

I tend to agree, but since he asked for a mnemonic...

What Python Needs to Return a Boolean
AND:  Both I demand! 
OR:    One or more.  


if A and B are False:
 [think "Both I demand...are False")
if A or B are False:
 [think "One or more...are False")
if A and B are True:
 [think "Both I demand...are True")


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