[Tutor] converting xls to csv

Emile van Sebille emile at fenx.com
Sat Jun 6 21:33:27 CEST 2009

On 6/6/2009 12:19 PM Nick Burgess said...
> Thank you. The data is pretty much random throughout the csv's so I
> think I it would have to iterate over the entire rows .  I need to
> search all .csv files in the current directory.   I can get glob to
> return a list of files.  How could I get csv.reader to open all the
> files in the list? 

Open the files from within your loop.

> My loop logic must be bad..  I am using
> ActivePython  Any clues would be appreciated.
> pattern = re.compile(r'10\.191\.239\.0')
> files = glob.glob("*.csv")
> csv.reader(open (files), delimiter=' ', quotechar='|')
> for f in files:

do the open here

>     for row in f:
>         for cell in row:
>             if pattern.search(cell):
>                 print ', '.join(row)


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