[Tutor] question about class

Vincent Davis vincent at vincentdavis.net
Tue Jun 9 01:31:23 CEST 2009

Accidentally sent I have added the rest
(by the way I refrain from using the terms attribute, method,.... as I
will likely miss use them)

> I am reading several tutorials about classes and trying to figure out
> how to apply it to my project. I have a working program that basically
> matches up applicants and schools. Schools and applicants have and
> "true" quality and an "observed" quality. Then there is an algorithm
> that matches them up. Right now I do this all with lists which works
> ok but I would like to try using classes.
> Questions
> 1, does it make seens to have a applicant and a schools class (based
> on this brief explanation)
> 2, is it possible to have a class for the algorithm that will modify
> values in the applicant and schools class
for example applicant.matched = 4 and school.matched = 343 meaning
applicant 343 is matched to school 4

3, is I have a value set in a class applicant.foo = 5 and I what to
use a (method?) in the class to change this, what is the right way to
do this?

Ok that's all for now

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