[Tutor] GUI recommendations/tutorials?

taserian taserian at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 18:05:18 CEST 2009

I think I'm ready to start working with some simple graphic output.
Currently, I've got the basics of a Python program that calculates full
tours of a honeycomb structure, going through each cell exactly once. The
output from the program shows the paths as coordinates of each cell; what
I'd like to do is create a simple window that would show the tour in
graphical format, and using keystrokes to go through all of the tours that
have been collected. I'm already accounting for eliminating duplicates by
rotational symmetry by restricting the starting point to the cells in the
"northernmost" row of hexes, but the ending point to be any of the edge
hexes. I'm trying to identify duplicates by reflexive symmetries as well,
but I'd like to get the visualization component up first.

My problem is that I have no GUI experience outside of Visual Studio-style
drag-and-drop IDEs. Which Python GUI system would you recommend for
neophytes that would allow line drawing and a simple graphic load of a
honeycomb structure in a JPG, for example, as a background?

Tony R.
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