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Christian Witts cwitts at compuscan.co.za
Mon Jun 29 08:18:10 CEST 2009

julie wrote:
> Hello,
> I need help with the following problem:
> *Write a loop that reads each line of a file and counts the number of 
> lines that are read until the total length of the lines is 1,000 
> characters. Use a break statement to make sure that you don't continue 
> reading the file once the 1,000 characters are read.
> I figured out how to open a file, count and print the lines, however I 
> cannot figure out or find online ...or anywhere else how to count 
> characters in a file. This is what i have so far:
> file = open("/Users/meitalamitai/Documents/Computer 
> Science/Python/Homework/Lorem_Ipsum.py")
> lines = 0
> for line in file:
>     lines=lines+1
> print '%r has %r lines' % ("Lorem_Ipsum.py", lines)
>    if char >= 1000:
>         break      *
> Thanks!
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Depends what you classify as a character.  If it is any character then 
what Emile said about len(line) will be fine, if it is to exclude 
new-line characters then you will need to strip them off and then do a 
length or if it is just printable characters then maybe look at string 
translation tables and the string.replace methods to cull out what you 
do not need.

Kind Regards,
Christian Witts

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