[Tutor] comparing lists of dictionaries

ski norman at khine.net
Mon Mar 9 22:20:02 CET 2009

hello again,
i am trying to get my head around this but without success, here is what

i have so far:

 >>> list1 = [{'is_selected': False, 'id': 'AAC', 'title': 'Association 
of Airline Cons.'}, {'is_selected': False, 'id': 'AALA', 'title': 'Adv. 
Activity Licence. Auth.'}, {'is_selected': False, 'id': 'ABPCO', 
'title': 'Association of British Prof. Conf. Organisation'}, 
{'is_selected': True, 'id': 'ABTA', 'title': 'Association of British 
Travel Agents'}, {'is_selected': False, 'id': 'ABTOT', 'title': 
'Association of Bonded Travel Organisation Trust'}, {'is_selected': 
False, 'id': 'AERA', 'title': 'Association of Europe Rail Agents'}]

 >>> list2 = [{'affiliation': 'ABTA', 'affiliation_no': u'G3903'}, 
{'affiliation': 'AAC', 'affiliation_no': u'none'}]

 >>> for dic1 in list1:
...     for dic2 in list2:
...             diff = [k for k, v in dic1.iteritems() if v != 
...     print k, v
is_selected False
is_selected False
is_selected False
is_selected True
is_selected False
is_selected False

what am i missing here, i would like to get a list of the diff between 
list1 and list2

again thanks in advance.

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