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Jeff Johnson jeff at dcsoftware.com
Tue Mar 17 21:44:42 CET 2009

Malcolm:  I have four sticky XML / flat files downloaded from a web site 
that is converted into four text files and then synchronized into one 
file.  Due to the web interface I moved it from VFP to Python.  It was 
easier, cleaner and very fast.  I run it from the VFP RUN command.

I have been using VFP / Foxpro since 1992.  I have an app that is 
running fine for a long time and then something seems to go wrong. 
Maybe it's an upgrade of the OS or a Microsoft update or who knows what. 
  I have to deal with it and rehash old code that was working fine.  I 
have noticed that Python "just works".  I have seen it already with this 
first project.

Oh, I download all of my bank accounts and credit cards as .csv files. 
I then use Python to convert them to Quickbooks IIF files and import 
them into Quickbooks.  No data entry because of Python!

I am now developing a dabo app that has a UI.  I should have it done 
soon and will let you know more about it on the dabo list.

For me, Python is a lot like VFP only you don't need to bring in active 
X or third party libraries.  I also have two Ubuntu machines that I can 
run it all on.

As far as Dabo goes, check it out.  The video of the report designer 
will get you hooked.  I just wish I had more time.

Malcolm Greene wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>> My success as a programmer has little to do with the language or even
> how well I program.  It has more to do with my ability to understand the
> problem and communicate with customers or my employer.
> Great response!
> I'm really enjoying my move to Python. Not only the language, but the
> optimism that surrounds the language (vs. the gray cloud of depression
> that has haunted FoxPro for so many years). I've focused all my Python
> efforts on back room data processing (ETL) vs. GUI type applications. In
> fact, I haven't moved any of our GUI based products to Python (or Dabo).
> What are you doing with Python? Have you built any GUI apps yet and if
> so, using wxPython (and Dabo?), pyQt, Tkinter, etc?
> Do you have any Dabo based apps in production yet?
> Curious to hear about your FoxPro migration journey when you have a
> moment.
> Regards,
> Malcolm (from the Profox list)

Jeff Johnson
jeff at dcsoftware.com
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