[Tutor] Python and Tkinter Programming by Grayson--New Version?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 17 22:08:06 CET 2009

"Wayne Watson" <sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net> wrote

> I've poked around at the pieces of the book in Subject, which are on 
> the web
> It was published in 2000, first ed. It looks quite good, and 
> certainly is big,

About a third of it is reference material. Not a bad thing, I use it a 
lot, but
other sources have the same stuff. A lot is PMW which although still 
I think, is no longer the only add on toolkit. Indeed Tix is now 
partof the
standard library and adds a lot of the same sort of things. (Tabbed 

The other oddity is a fair portion of the book is taken up with 
photo-realistic UIs. This is not something I've ever found a need for!
It is quite impressive but of distinctly limitedvalue for most 

> I'd like to think the author is going to produce another version.

I've seen no signs of that. And although some of the newer widgets
are not included very little of the book is out of date.

OTOH if you just need a reference the "Tcl/Tk in a Nutshell" by 
might suit just as well and is available very cheaply second hand
on Amazon... It is my second most used Tk source. (after Lundh's
online reference, Grayson is my third!) It also covers Tix.

Alan G. 

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