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Emad Nawfal (عماد نوفل) emadnawfal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 16:11:28 CET 2009

Hi Tutors,
I have two pickled dictionaries containing word counts from two different
corpora. I need to add the values, so that a word count is the sum of both.
If the word "man" has a count of 2 in corpus A and a count of 3 in corpus B,
then I need a new dictionary that  has "man": 5. Please let me know whether
the following is correct/incorrect, good/bad, etc.
Your help appreciated:

def addDicts(a, b):
    c = {}
    for k in a:
        if k not in b:
            c[k] = a[k]
            c[k] = a[k] + b[k]

    for k in b:
        if k not in a:
            c[k] = b[k]
    return c

# test this
dict1 = {"dad": 3, "man": 2}
dict2 = {"dad": 5, "woman": 10}
newDict = addDicts(dict1, dict2)
# This gives

{'dad': 8, 'woman': 10, 'man': 2}

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Emad Soliman Nawfal
Indiana University, Bloomington

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