[Tutor] text editor and debugger for python

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 24 10:24:42 CET 2009

"Bala subramanian" <bala.biophysics at gmail.com> wrote 

> I do the scripting in Linux. I use vi editor to code. It is not very
> convenient for me. 

Can you tell us what is not convenient?
That would heklp us recommend other editors. There are 
dozens to choose from and vi(or vim) is one of the most 
powerful around, so if you don;t like vim we will need to 
know what it is you want different.

> Kindly suggest me a best free *text editor* ( i can code
> and debug the code simultaneously ) *for python* based 
> on your experience.

My personal experience is that I use vim for large projects 
and Pyhonwin(on Windows) or IDLE for small projects.
I also use Scite and Eclipse/PyDev occasionally. PyDev 
has one of the best debuggers if that is important to you, 
but in Python heavy duty debugging is rarely needed IME


Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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