[Tutor] Calling method in parent class

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Tue May 12 19:23:53 CEST 2009

Le Tue, 12 May 2009 17:43:24 +0100,
"Alan Gauld" <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> s'exprima ainsi:

> > Having two methods with the name that both need two be used 
> > on the same object is clearly a design flaw. What do you think?  
> Two methods only one message. It is what polymorphism is all about.

Well, I do not want to argue. But this is not what I call polymorphism.
Not "on the same object". Polymorphism as I know it rather dispatches depending on the object (usually it's actual type).
The kind of exception beeing the case of one method calling the other (as I related later in the same post). But it still is not is calling 2 methods with the same name on the same object. It's rather one method reusing another.

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