[Tutor] Find a good linux distribution with python.

Michael Bernhard Arp Sørensen michael at arpsorensen.dk
Mon May 25 10:57:36 CEST 2009

Hi Lloyd.

I did not take offense about the comment on Ubuntu. It was an old joke and
it made me smile.... again. :-)

I've used Debian before, but I have moved to Ubuntu because Debian takes
forever to release a new version. Almost as long as Microsoft. I like Debian
based distro the most.

To all the others who was kind enough to contribute to this thread:

Your points are taken. I think I'll stick a "normal" vanilla Linux distro
and avoid any unnecessary setup. I particularly liked the idea of not
cluttering my local environment with too much special setup since I write
code for others than myself.

One of the more serious issues in the past was the use of Amara (an XML
parser). Amara is now a part of Debian and Ubuntu, which eliminates the need
for a special build of the module.

I just wished that Python was upgraded in the distros. If I want to play
with Python3, I will need to compile it my self and specify which Python
interpretor to use in each Python file. But this is a small problem.

I'm very fond of using emacs for many purposes besides coding in Python. It
keeps me productive when I don't have a "writers block". :-) To me a good
linux distro contains all the great modes for Emacs and the newest version
of Emacs and Python.

Thank you all very much.

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards

Michael B. Arp Sørensen
Programmer / BOFH

"If you want to enter my network while I'm out, you can find my SSH-key
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On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 10:05 AM, OkaMthembo <zebra05 at gmail.com> wrote:

> bhaaluu, your comments on Ubuntu are not only offensive, but display
> ignorance and arrogance all at the same time.
> Ubuntu is based on Debian, but provides a lower entry barrier to Linux for
> many.
> Not everybody wants to spend much time doing configurations. Many just want
> a system that works.
> Michael, to answer your question - Ubuntu is just fine!
> Regards,
> Lloyd
> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 11:11 PM, bhaaluu <bhaaluu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 4:02 PM, Michael Bernhard Arp Sørensen
>> <michael at arpsorensen.dk> wrote:
>> >
>> > What distro do you run?
>> >
>> Debian GNU/Linux
>> >
>> > Another point: There's so many modules on the Internet, that it's
>> difficult
>> > to get some sort of overview. That's why a distro is such a great idea
>> > because so many packages with python stuff is included. Could you get
>> any
>> > kind of overview over python modules/libs other than a repo in a distro?
>> >
>> Like anything else that is huge, just tackle the parts of it that you
>> need.
>> >
>> > I have concluded that there's no such thing as a perfect distro. Only
>> some
>> > distros come close to perfection. In that case I was wondering if I
>> should
>> > create my own python repo to set up a good working environment for
>> > development. That way I could use any distro. On the other hand, any
>> code I
>> > migth write would be difficult for others to use.
>> >
>> > Any ideas or comments?
>> >
>> "Ubuntu" is an African word that means "I can't configure Debian."
>> 8^D
>> Knoppix, Ubuntu, and several other distributions are all based on
>> the fine work that the Debian GNU/Linux community does. Debian
>> GNU/Linux is completely Free, and is developed by volunteers from
>> around the world.
>> >
>> > I use emacs with rope, ipython and python. I like those in newer
>> versions if
>> > not bleeding edge.
>> >
>> If you're really serious about having the 'perfect' distro, you can start
>> with Debian GNU/Linux and make your own, the way you want it to be.
>> While it is not a trivial matter to re-master a Linux Live CD, it is much
>> easier than it used to be! You could pack it full of Python! It is this
>> reason that there are hundreds of Linux Live CD distributions. Each
>> person thinks that their distro is the best. This is one reason why
>> GNU/Linux is so fantastic!
>> > Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards
>> >
>> > Michael B. Arp Sørensen
>> > Programmer / BOFH
>> > Denmark
>> >
>> > "If you want to enter my network while I'm out, you can find my SSH-key
>> > under my mouse mat" - Michael Bernhard Arp Sørensen
>> >
>> Why don't you make a Python-centric Linux Live CD?
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