[Tutor] Question re: hangman.py

biboy mendz bibsmendez at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:17:57 CET 2009


chapter 8: hangman.py

expression is: print(letter, end=' ')

it explained:
end keyword argument in print() call makes the print() function put a space
character at the end of the string instead of a newline.

however when run it gives error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

What gives? This is the first time i saw such expression inside print
function. Is this version-specific of python? I'm running version 2.5.4.

bibs M.

Host/Kernel/OS  "cc000002695" running Linux 2.6.31-5.slh.4-sidux-686 
[sidux 2009-02 Αιθήρ - kde-full - (200907141427) ]

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