[Tutor] Should a beginner learn Python 3.x

Stephen Nelson-Smith sanelson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 21:49:52 CET 2009

My brother in law is learning python.  He's downloaded 3.1 for
Windows, and is having a play.  It's already confused him that print
"hello world" gives a syntax error....

He's an absolute beginner with no programming experience at all.  I
think he might be following 'Python Programming for the Absolute
Beginner", or perhaps some online guides.  Should I advise him to
stick with 2.6 for a bit, since most of the material out  there will
be for 2.x?  Or since he's learning from scratch, should he jump
straight to 3.x  In which case what can you recommend for him to work
through - I must stress he has absolutely no clue at all about
programming, no education beyond 16 yrs old, but is keen to learn.


Stephen Nelson-Smith
Technical Director
Atalanta Systems Ltd

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