[Tutor] I love python / you guys :)

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Mon Nov 16 09:12:24 CET 2009

Stefan, you echoed my thinking too :)

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:58 AM, Stefan Lesicnik <stefan at lsd.co.za> wrote:

> hi,
> Although not a question, i just want to tell you guys how awesome you are!
> I am not a programmer, i can do a bit of bash. I have never officially
> learnt programming, but numerous times looked at some perl, c, java
> and never really gotten past the beginning stages of it. That all
> changed when i picked up python. Although my style and use of python
> is probably barbaric at best, I really enjoy it when you can make
> things work. Python was just amazing from a readability / logical
> point of view. If i can think of something, there is a way to do it in
> python. After learning the simple data structures it seems i can
> really do anything i want to.
> I really appreciate all the effort the knowledgeable guys put into
> this list (you know who you are! you post answers all the time!). I've
> asked a couple of questions and the answers have always been excellent
> and i've learnt so much.
> So i guess i just wanted to say thanks for supporting a great
> language, and helping me as i learn to shape my thinking into better
> and better ways to do things.
> stefan
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