[Tutor] Do you use unit testing?

Serdar Tumgoren zstumgoren at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 22:31:38 CET 2009

> How many of you guys use unit testing as a development model, or at
> all for that matter?

>  I just starting messing around with it and it seems painfully slow to
> have to write a test for everything you do. Thoughts, experiences,
> pros, cons?
I just started with Test-Driven Development myself and am also having
some growing pains. I think the urge to write a test for everything
stems from fuzziness about what types of things one should test for
(at least that's the area I'm stumbling on).

Dive Into Python has a great step-by-step tutorial with lots of code
samples for those looking to get started with unit testing, but I've
yet to find a good, high-level overview of use cases for unit testing.

Are there any rules of thumb or perhaps even testing patterns out there?

Would love to hear what others on the list have to say on this.


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