[Tutor] proxy switcher - was Re: I love python / you guys :)

bibi midi bibsmendez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 05:12:09 CET 2009

Hi guys!

Thank you all for the brainstorming. As much as i love to follow all your
tips but sorry I got lost in the sea of discussion :-) Therefore i thought i
start to roll out my own and i hope you guys can chime in.

The print lines in my code are just for debugging. Of course they can be
omitted but for a newbie like me I helps to see what I'm doing is what I'm
expected to do.

I would like to improve my line search with the module re but cant find
something to get me started. I appreciate if you can show me how. The
'proxy' search works but I'm sure with re module the search will be definite
i mean wont yield 'false positive' result, sort-of.


Best Regards,

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