[Tutor] New to python: some advises for image processing tool

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Oct 2 15:44:57 CEST 2009

Nicola De Quattro wrote:
> So I've to open an image (various formats, first I could need only
> .fits), to process the image in order to select the interesting strip
> containing the star and the spectrum (first image of the link posted,
> but I hope I can select the strip not only in the horizontal line but
> I will rotate the image), to obtain a graph like the second and third
> image (this may be simple, it plots the value of luminosity of each
> point), calibrate the image using periodical table of elements as
> shown in 6th image in order to color the graph.

Without looking further into your problem, there are two (main) general
purpose image manipulation libraries for Python (that I know of) that you
may want to look at: PIL and ImageMagick. At least ImageMagick supports FITS.


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