[Tutor] New to python: some advises for image processing tool

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I think you forgot to hit Reply-all, so forwarding on to the list with my

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> Wayne ha scritto:
>> The most difficult task would be analyzing the image and possibly some of
>> the graph generation.
> Yes I has thought so. Probably it is the same for every language.
> Now I think I could begin with some simple script to come into the Python
> world, so I'll start building the easiest components of final tool (perhaps
> opening the image and rotate it).

That one should be fairly simple - my guess is it should take < 5 lines to
do something like that with PIL or ImageMagick

> Another question I did'nt ask to the list is about the IDE. There's
> something like this in Python or not? I've used NetBeans for C. I'm not so
> expert with IDE but I think it might be useful something like this in order
> to share the same platform on both Linux and Windows (I think to develop on
> two different computers).

There are /many/ IDEs available, ranging from free (IDLE, included with
python) to over a hundred dollars (the super version of Wing IDE).

> If you suggest to use no IDE, the solution I've adopted since now is to use
> gedit and python bash program under Linux (it recognizes python sintax) and
> notepad++ with... what? under Windows (I think there's something like
> "python" package under Windows).

My suggestion is this: Work with what you're comfortable with. If you want
to use gedit and python interpreter, go ahead.

My personal preference (on any/all systems) is vi/vim in one terminal window
for the actual coding, and IPython in another window for testing snippets of
code. I have some fairly extensive python-centric modifications to my .vimrc
and other scripts and plugins.

I'm sure you'll find many different workflows that people use and several
folks will probably offer their setups for consideration.

I hope you find something comfortable for you, and feel free to ask any
questions if you get stuck.

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