[Tutor] Help or Advice on MySQL, Python and test data storage

David Jamieson david.jamieson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 10:29:06 CEST 2009

Hi All,
looking for some advice on using Python with MySQL for test data
storage. What builds of Python work well with MySQL and what modules
allow the connection to the database and data transfer activities.

I'm thinking about using PhPMyAdmin to set-up and administer my
database in the first instance until I get going with the project,
though I could create tables using the commandline option. Is there a
Python equivalent to PhPMyAdmin?

Outline of testing carried out
I use Python to control my test instruments, Spectrum Analyser, Power
Meter, Signal Generator and scope using pyvisa.
I am just learning wxpython for the gui side of my application
(crudely working app to date) and I current dump test data out to a
csv file using the csv module.
I want my test data stored in a better fashion and in a way where I
can compare easily the data from one device to another.
Testing involves gathering power data at harmonic frequencies over a
set range in one test. Another test involves injecting a signal and
observing the effect on specific registers on the device under test.
I want to record all the device under test set-up information and the
test equipment information (calibration dates instrument type etc)
input signal values during the test and the device under test response
Test data to store is harmonic frequencies v power levels recorded at
each frequency per test unit. Unit under test serial number, setup
parameters, version.
In a way header information for each test run.
Registers settings recorded during test run possibly 8 to 10 different
register settings to monitor.
Screen dumps from the analyser (WMF or BMP file format, roughly 130Kb
per image, possibly 250 images per test run)how best to store these in
the database, i.e. as a link to a file or as raw data set (glob or
blob can't remember the exact phrase used for storing data in this
way). Images are important for the tester to be able to look for any
sideband issues or areas of broadband noise, as some runs will
overnight when no staff are on site.
Thanks in advance for any responses to my questions.

Cheers David.

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