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Albert-Jan Roskam fomcl at yahoo.com
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Hi Alan and Kent,

Thank you for helping me. This is a lot simpler than the solution I had in mind. The button names in my program always start with "button_", so I wanted to use locals() in a list comprehension to compile a list of the buttons. But then I'd still have the names and not the instances. 

But when is the configure() method more appropriate to change e.g. the button status?


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> > I'm using Tkinter to program my very frist GUI.
> > Each button grays out after it has been used so the
> user knows what next steps to take.
> > Now I want to define a Reset button to 'ungray' all
> buttons (state='normal').
> > How can I programmatically create a list of all
> available buttons?
> Just add your buttons to a list when you create them
> Then in your reset method do
> for button in ButtonList:
>    button['state'] = NORMAL
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