[Tutor] PyWin32 - Library of functions to interact with windows

Katt the_only_katala at verizon.net
Fri Oct 16 09:57:45 CEST 2009

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> Katt wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am currently using WinXP and python 2.6.2
>> I just installed PyWin32 v214 for python 2.6 from the following link:
> [... snip lots of advice from other people ...]
> Hi, Katt. Thanks for posting back over here. I must admit,
> I hadn't realised you were posting to the tutor list when
> I answered your question originally. (I subscribe to several
> Python lists and they come into the same mailbox). I rather
> assumed you were an experienced programmer who just wanted
> this snippet of win32 info. I'd have been a bit more explanatory
> if I'd realised.

No harm done.  No I can't imagine just asking for the code.  I mean how 
would I learn anything.  I would rather struggle, then post the code that I 
was trying and get nudged in the right direction.  You learn more from your 
failures than your successes.

> It looks like you've got some useful advice from other people
> which will hopefully take you somewhere, but some more general
> advice: it's always a good idea to explain what you're trying to

Yes, I got some great advice.  I also like the fact that everyone tries to 
point you in the right direction versus just giving you code.  That helps me 
as a beginner in providing me with new exercises which you don't find to 
much of in the tutorials.

Thanks for the advice. I will try to be more verbose in the future in what I 
am trying to do so I don't come off as an experienced programmer trying to 
snag some free code.

Btw, I am just learning on my own not through any classes.  So far I have 
learned alot from two of the five tutorials that I have read so far(Josh 
Cogliati's: Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python and Alan Gauld's: Tutor - 
May 27, 2007).

> Good luck and keep posting back here with questions if you
> have them

You bet.  When I finish the date reminder program that I am working on I 
will be asking about working with the EasyGUI and the pywin32.

Thanks again,


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