[Tutor] PyGTK: is there a library for both Linux and Windows

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> Hi
> I'm starting to design some windows for my little tool.
> I've two questions for you:
> 1) In this page http://www.pygtk.org/downloads.html there are two
> different library for Windows and GNU/Linux, but I want my application
> to be executed identically under Windows and under GNU/Linux. Is PyGTK
> a good choice? There are some difference between PyGTK library under
> Windows and under GNU/Linux, that is have I to develop two different
> versions of my tool?

There shouldn't be. There might be some decorative differences, but that's
due to the different window managers.

But yes, PyGTK is a good choice.

> 2) Do you suggest to use Glade to design windows? Note: I'm totally
> new both to python and to GUI design (I've always worked on signal
> processing, never develop a MMI) so I'm searching something that can
> be as much as possible both "educational" and friendly.

Glade is pretty useful for most people. I don't personally use it because I
find that, personally, I spend more time looking up how to adjust something
in Glade than just write the code myself. I guess if I were trying to write
some large project or had a great desire to learn Glade, I'd find it useful.
I know some people prefer it - I guess it should come down to this line of

If you make a webpage do you prefer Arachnophilia/Dreamweaver/WYSIWYG or

When you regularly program do you prefer IDLE/Codeblocks/Etc. or

If you lean towards the former, I would recommend Glade. If you lean towards
the latter, I would recommend you try out Glade, but you may likely find
simply coding in your favourite editor works better for you.

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