[Tutor] New to Python

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Thu Oct 29 15:47:00 CET 2009

asterix09 at petlover.com wrote:
> I am running Windows Vista. 

OK. Definite points for giving useful info up front.
> Do you know what remote desktop is? 


> This is the tool I use to connect to my other severs on 
> the network or alternatively I use my "Run" option (Start/Run) 
> where you add in the IP address and connect to the server.

Uh-oh; not so clear. There's quite a difference between rdp and
a file-server connection. But ok...

> I want to use python to do this for me. 

To do *what* for you? Control a remote desktop? Start a
remote folder in explorer?

> I can do it with a batch file.

Can you show us the batch file?

> This is what I am looking to do.

[... snip stuff about a log file ...]

Have I missed something? What does this have to do with the
previous stuff about remote desktops and connecting to

I'm sorry, asterix09, I'm sure we're willing to help you,
but you seem to be confusing several things at once here.

I'm going to have a stab at what you're talking about and
let's see how close I get:

* You have several log files on some remote machines

* The log files contain lines of text of the form: aaa=bbb

* You want to perform some kind of comparison of this content, building
  up a database of some underspecified structure.

Am I close?


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