[Tutor] Python Examples of processing MS Outlook

Peter Meagher ppmeagher at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 11:13:24 CEST 2010



I'm doing a lot of email processing at the moment.  I put
together some basic code from within Outlook to open my
default inbox, filter email records based on text in the
Subject field, then parse the body, finally send the output
to a text file.  This is simple stuff but very useful.


I need to do more, however as a newbie with Python, I
figured I could both learn and produce at the same time.


Does anyone have references to simple MS Outlook 2007
processing code that I could vulture for my purposes?  (The
code that I adapted was from an old Office 2000 vba text, so
the version 2007 may not be that essential to my purposes)


After much searching, I found a reference to PyWebmail,
however it communicates directly to the webmail accounts, is
much more than I really need and I want to stay in the
Outlook environment for a number of reasons, particularly
its interface to Access.


Thank you.

Peter Meagher

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