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Sharon dillyg23 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 02:48:24 CEST 2010

I think you are probably right. The only other sort of programming I did 
before I started on python was really 'VBA' and everything was done with 
GUI. I think that is what was in my mind. I have started using Tkinter 
and it isn't so bad. I just like the idea of having the visual side of 
actually seeing the buttons and whistles on the form ready. I have 
looked at QT, GTK and wxGlade but it is all more complicated than 
'visual basic' and not at all rad like. So, for now I'll stick with my 
book and use Tkinter to get to grips with binding the widgets to the 
event handlers.

Thank you for your advice,


Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Sharon" <dillyg23 at gmail.com> wrote
>> I am a newbie to python but would like to use a designer for 
>> simplicity. Which would be the easiest to use:
>> WxGlade
>> Qt 4 Designer
>> Glade Interface Designer (Gtk)
> These are all GUI builders so I assume you want to write GUIs?
> If so which GUI toolkit are you intending to use because the GUI 
> builders all tend to be specific to one particular tookit, which 
> limits your options. Choose your toolkit and the GUI builder is chosen 
> for you...
>> At this point in time I would be looking at the simplest for a newbie 
>> until my programming skills in Python improve. Appreciate a few 
>> opinions on this.
> The simplest toolkit or the simplest tool?
> Picking the simplest tool may leave you writing code for a complex 
> toolkit? OPne of the simplest GUI tookits is the standard Tkinter that 
> comes with Python. But the tools for building GUIs for Tkinter are not 
> great! But toolkits like Gtk and Qt have better tools but tend to be 
> much more complex than Tkinter (more powerful too of course - it tends 
> to be the case in programming that power and complexity are closely 
> linked!)
> Maybe you should stick to simple programming first and worry about the 
> GUI stuff later? Or are you already comfortable with command 
> line/console programs and
> its only the GUI stuff that is new?
> To really help we need to know more.
> HTH,

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