[Tutor] Multipane windows using curses

mhw at doctors.net.uk mhw at doctors.net.uk
Tue Apr 27 10:42:43 CEST 2010

Dear All,

I am looking for some advice about a design decision. I want to write a curses-based editor (for OWL ontologies). This should then be usable via ssh, etc. Ontology files may be large, and quite complex. Current editors (e.g. Protege) have multiple tabs to cope with this.

The simplest option would seem to be to have a single appliction, running through a single terminal. However, the data is often complex, and so it would be nice to have multiple terminals showing different bits of the ontologies at the same time. However, doing this with multiple instances of the app would be difficult, as each window would have to load the whole ontolog, etc.

My next thought was then to run a simple server that loads the data file and returns bits of it. Then one could open multiple ssh terminals, and each could run a client to allow one to view the data. However, this is obviously more complex.

Am I missing something simpler?


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