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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 28 09:09:42 CEST 2010

"Marco Rompré" <marcodrompre at gmail.com> wrote

> Oups my posting was too big!!!

In general it is better to popst long listings (over 100 lines say)
to a web site such as pastebin. That will ensure they are readable
and will not fill up peoples mailboxes unnecessarily.

However, even better is to reproduce your error in a small sample
program so we do not have to read all of your code!

> Why is none of my items button works???? In this, I have two files and in
> my second file I imported all the function of the first one

I can't speak for all of them but the first one I looked at had an error,
very similar to that suggested by your error message.

>         self.afficher_item_bouton = Button(
>                             self, text = "Modifier", fg = "blue", command =
>                             self.modifier_item
>             )
>         self.afficher_item_bouton.pack(side = LEFT)

>     def afficher_item(self):
>         items = self.liste.curselection()
>         items = [self.app.modele.items[int(item)] for item in items]
>         if (items != []):
>             items = items[0]
>             itemsFrame = ItemsFrame(self, item)

In this code the method assigns a value to items, then reassigns items to a 
modified list.
If the list is not empty it reassigns items to the first element. It then 
creates a new variable.
passing a variable item which does bot exist in the method so shouldbe defined 
But your error message suggests it is not. I suspect the items[0] assignment 
should be
to item? Or maybe to self.item?

> Here is my codes and my error code  for the two files please help me:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "F:\School\University\Session 4\Programmation
> SIO\magasingolfvues.py", line 426, in <module>
>     app = App(racine, "magasinmodele.txt")
>   File "F:\School\University\Session 4\Programmation
> SIO\magasingolfvues.py", line 23, in __init__
>     ItemsFrame(contexte, item)
> NameError: global name 'item' is not defined
> >>>

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