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While some patterns are infinite, other's aren't (e.g. The example I gave). 

Using a subset of Regex syntax to produce a set of strings has the advantage of using a well understood and documented form, and if you could hook into the existing API, at minimal coding effort.

In addition, it allows a nice symmetry between search and production of resource names.


Source some data (containing resources)
Label res 1 to res n using re.pattern(p1) 
Add this data to the larger data lump

.... do some stuff...

Find the data items you had again:
DataGroup1 = AllData.search(re.pattern(p1))

I suspect it's not that easy, as I don't think we can get to the internals of the regex FSM. However, I thought it would be worth asking.


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On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 1:27 AM,  <mhw at doctors.net.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Quick question:
> Is there an way of using the regex patterns to produce text, instead of matching it?
> E.g.:
> pat = re.compile("ab?d")
> pat.getListofPossibleText()

There's no end to the length of many patterns so this would be fairly pointless.
For example, what would getListofPossibleText do for the pattern ".*" ?

I think the better question is: what are you trying to do?
Or perhaps: Why do you think you need to solve your problem this way?


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