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Shurui Liu (Aaron Liu) shurui91 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 22:23:44 CEST 2010

# Blackjack
# From 1 to 7 players compete against a dealer

import cards, games

class BJ_Card(cards.Card):
    """ A Blackjack Card. """
    ACE_VALUE = 1

    def get_value(self):
        if self.is_face_up:
            value = BJ_Card.RANKS.index(self.rank) + 1
            if value > 10:
                value = 10
            value = None
        return value

    value = property(get_value)

class BJ_Deck(cards.Deck):
    """ A Blackjack Deck. """
    def populate(self):
        for suit in BJ_Card.SUITS:
            for rank in BJ_Card.RANKS:
                self.cards.append(BJ_Card(rank, suit))

class BJ_Hand(cards.Hand):
    """ A Blackjack Hand. """
    def __init__(self, name):
        super(BJ_Hand, self).__init__()
        self.name = name

    def __str__(self):
        rep = self.name + ":\t" + super(BJ_Hand, self).__str__()
        if self.total:
            rep += "(" + str(self.total) + ")"
        return rep

    def get_total(self):
        # if a card in the hand has value of None, then total is None
        for card in self.cards:
            if not card.value:
                return None

        # add up card values, treat each Ace as 1
        total = 0
        for card in self.cards:
              total += card.value

        # determine if hand contains an Ace
        contains_ace = False
        for card in self.cards:
            if card.value == BJ_Card.ACE_VALUE:
                contains_ace = True

        # if hand contains Ace and total is low enough, treat Ace as 11
        if contains_ace and total <= 11:
            # add only 10 since we've already added 1 for the Ace
            total += 10

        return total

    total = property(get_total)

    def is_busted(self):
        return self.total > 21

class BJ_Player(BJ_Hand):
    """ A Blackjack Player. """
    def is_hitting(self):
        response = games.ask_yes_no("\n" + self.name + ", do you want
a hit? (Y/N): ")
        return response == "y"

    def bust(self):
        print self.name, "busts."

    def lose(self):
        print self.name, "loses."

    def win(self):
        print self.name, "wins."

    def push(self):
        print self.name, "pushes."

class BJ_Dealer(BJ_Hand):
    """ A Blackjack Dealer. """
    def is_hitting(self):
        return self.total < 17

    def bust(self):
        print self.name, "busts."

    def flip_first_card(self):
        first_card = self.cards[0]

class BJ_Game(object):
    """ A Blackjack Game. """
    def __init__(self, names):
        self.players = []
        for name in names:
            player = BJ_Player(name)

        self.dealer = BJ_Dealer("Dealer")

        self.deck = BJ_Deck()

    def get_still_playing(self):
        remaining = []
        for player in self.players:
            if not player.is_busted():
        return remaining

    # list of players still playing (not busted) this round
    still_playing = property(get_still_playing)

    def __additional_cards(self, player):
        while not player.is_busted() and player.is_hitting():
            print player
            if player.is_busted():

    def play(self):
        # deal initial 2 cards to everyone
        self.deck.deal(self.players + [self.dealer], per_hand = 2)
        self.dealer.flip_first_card()    # hide dealer's first card
        for player in self.players:
            print player
        print self.dealer

        # deal additional cards to players
        for player in self.players:

        self.dealer.flip_first_card()    # reveal dealer's first

        if not self.still_playing:
            # since all players have busted, just show the dealer's hand
            print self.dealer
            # deal additional cards to dealer
            print self.dealer

            if self.dealer.is_busted():
                # everyone still playing wins
                for player in self.still_playing:
                # compare each player still playing to dealer
                for player in self.still_playing:
                    if player.total > self.dealer.total:
                    elif player.total < self.dealer.total:

        # remove everyone's cards
        for player in self.players:

def main():
    print "\t\tWelcome to Blackjack!\n"

    names = []
    number = games.ask_number("How many players? (1 - 7): ", low = 1, high = 8)
    for i in range(number):
        name = raw_input("Enter player name: ")

    game = BJ_Game(names)

    again = None
    while again != "n":
        again = games.ask_yes_no("\nDo you want to play again?: ")

raw_input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit.")

Here is the code of this game. I want to change some part of them.
1. Since I don't know what part of code is "responsible" for the
number of cards, so I don't know how to add a "card number check"
attribute, I mean, to check the number of card is more enough for next
time play no matter how many players there are, if cards are not more
enough, print out a notice and stop the program;
2. I am not sure if I can let the winner get all of the cards and
print out what cards the winner has when the game finished.

Thank you!

Shurui Liu (Aaron Liu)
Computer Science & Engineering Technology
University of Toledo

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