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Thankyou for your advice and I will strive to do this.

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Sharon wrote:
> I think you are probably right. The only other sort of programming I
> did before I started on python was really 'VBA' and everything was
> done with GUI. I think that is what was in my mind. I have started
> using Tkinter and it isn't so bad. I just like the idea of having the
> visual side of actually seeing the buttons and whistles on the form
> ready. I have looked at QT, GTK and wxGlade but it is all more
> complicated than 'visual basic' and not at all rad like. So, for now
> I'll stick with my book and use Tkinter to get to grips with binding
> the widgets to the event handlers.
So maybe a bit of advice. Get your app together as a set of functions
and/or classes (your business layer) that called appropriately will
deliver all the functionality you need. Then whether you call those
functions from a console app, Tkinter, Wxpython, web app, or even a test
suite, will make no difference at all and porting them will be real
easy. Buttons should have no code but a call to a function in your
business layer, grids when instantiated or updated should call a
function in your business layer that should provide the appropriate data
set, etc.

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