[Tutor] Distributing Python Code for Commercial Porpoises?

j ram buggyballs at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 05:14:59 CEST 2010

> My intent though is really not to produce a commercial product. My question
> relates to difficulty my partner and I have to exchanging py programs w/o
> him stumbling. I send him a py program written using Windows Python 2.5. He
> has the same. I've executed it IDLE and it works fine. He executes, and it
> squawks per my post here on finding a version #, showing his output. We need
> to make sure we are on the same playing ground with numpy and scipy.
Why not try bundling your .py modules in a zip file and then importing the
run modules from this zip file? In that way, the package integrity is
ensured. You'd just have to ship your collaborator the zip archive and also
make sure that both of you are running the same versions of numpy, scipy,
python and other packages.



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