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All list indices start from 0. But you don't get the last value. So slice[1:5] would skip the first char and then include the next 3. It's the same as range. Range(1,100) returns 1,2,....,99.
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On Aug 9, 2010, at 11:02 AM, Daniel <.asterix at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to solve an exercise, a beginners one but I have a question. So the exercise sounds like this:
> Define a string s = ’colorless’. Write a Python statement that changes this to ’colour-
> less’, using only the slice and concatenation operations.
> So I did wrote this:
> 1)s = 'colorless'
> 2)ss = s[:4] + 'u' + s[4:]
> 3)print(ss)
> I do not understand something. So on the second line, the slicing lasts from the start of the s string to the forth character. But from were
> does the counting start? 0 or 1? From this code it's obvious that it starts from one, but how, strings counting doesn't start from 0? If I do
> len(s) i get 9 but if I do s[9] I get an error, out of range. Can please someone clear me this indexing thing? It's so frustrating and
> confusing. 
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